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Posh Apple Juice

When I first met Janet I claimed I lived in Sale Barns and referred to Urmston as Outer Partington. In a similar vain I used to joke that I wouldn’t use buses until they had a specified 1st-class section, in fact the whole problem with public transport was the public element. How times have changed; now we see the tram as a special treat if it’s for anything less than three stops.

Apparently though this snobbery is hereditary, as exemplified by Sonny on Monday. I’d asked a waitress which fresh juices they had, and when she offered him the choice of orange or apple he replied,
“Is it proper posh apple juice?”

Later in the day when we were building a den in the front room he suddenly proclaimed
“I don’t want a den daddy, can I have a gazebo please?”

Short of somewhere free to go, and having recently used Toys R Us as a playgroup once too often, we decided on a trip to the Willowpool Garden Centre in Knutsford.… Read the full post

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New Year Resolutions … oh well

With Janet back at work today, so began our new years resolutions … and by lunchtime only one remains unbroken; to write a blog of our adventures.

In my defense, Janet didn’t help by missing her train and thus letting me go back to bed for 20 mins.

1) Get up early to start the day ahead of schedule.

Then again, another had only lasted as long as it’d taken me to find the key for the back door.

2) Stop smoking.

And so they continued to fall. By 10am we were still not dressed and were sat in the front room watching Something Special, having already watched The Bopps, Peppa Pig, Humf, and Show me, Show me.

3) Washed and dressed by 9am.Read the full post