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The Penny Pincher

Strange things are afoot. Tales are emerging of a grim creature intent on frightening children and adults alike. So terrifying it would give a killer clown the willies.

Rumour has it he’s the result of an experiment that went horribly wrong. An ambiguous mix of chemistry and alchemy. One part stay-at-home dad, many parts don’t-make-me-get-a-job.

Some think it the stuff of urban legend. Others claim to have witnessed his devilment first hand. All know him as ‘The Penny Pincher’.

One victim, who wishes to remain anonymous, claims to have experienced his presence on numerous occasions.

Jeanette (not her proper name), takes up the story.

“It was early October. The temperature had dropped into single figures so I went to turn the heating on.… Read the full post

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Through the Eyes of Another

The street lights flickered as if unsure what was expected of them. I found a bench beneath the most assertive and sat down.

A van approached, fast at first but significantly slower the closer it got. As it crawled past its engine called out to me, revving as if bereft of gears. Looking up from my phone I noticed the man in the passenger seat had locked eyes on me. They remained locked long after it’d driven past. Uncomfortably so.

The van then stopped a little further up the road, performed a three-point turn and was now coming back, even slower than before. Now I was nervous. This time both passengers stared, the man furthest away visibly stretching beyond the driver to get a good look.… Read the full post

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Waterstones NaNoWriMo Project

story diceAs part of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) I was asked if I’d like to take part in the Waterstones NaNoWriMo Story Cubes Project.

The idea is that a group of bloggers will all contribute one chapter each, with the twist being you roll a pack of Rory’s Story Cubes to determine where the story goes next.

I’ll not pretend I wasn’t more than a little petrified nervous to get the first chapter, and I should probably apologise now to everyone who has to pick this up and run with it, but here is what I came up with …


On the bleary scale of wake-up calls a reversing bin lorry ranks pretty low, probably sandwiched somewhere between an unexpected hangover and the out-of-reach alarm clock.… Read the full post

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A Short Story

The wonderful Sam Coleman of fame is running a competition for fiction. Three hundred words or less on the subject of parenting.

This takes me well outside of my comfort zone but I thought I’d have a go anyway.

Thanks for reading. I recommend heading straight over to afterwards to see how a soon-to-be-published author writes, it’s a fabulous blog, and there are some exceptional entries already there too.

You can also find many more brilliant entries on Twitter using #DfictionL



The school had released a tsunami across the park, and as the tide began to recede it left behind a slew of children. Screaming, climbing, swinging.

I’d seen her here before, although not for a while.… Read the full post

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Being Silly

I’ve been reading some lovely poems on a site called  She hosts ‘Prose for Thought’ every Thursday where you can read her wonderful poetry along with that of others who link up each week. You can visit her site by clicking here or on the image opposite.

I’ve been meaning to add my own for a few weeks however like most things in my life the weeks pass with me being no nearer to finishing whatever it is I started. So instead, I’m linking up one I wrote last year called ‘Being Silly’ …..


Sometimes you can be a bit nincompoopy,
You’re allowed the occasional huff.
You can cause a to-do, or a hullabaloo, or a mixture of all the above.… Read the full post