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Pokémon Sun and Moon Review

Pokemon moon 3ds box coverAccording to Oxford Dictionaries, the word of 2016 is post-truth. Not in this house it’s not. In this house, post-truth is when I’ve told Janet I’ve cleaned the house, only for her to return from work to discover it wasn’t necessarily based on objective facts. So that’s pretty much every year since … when did I first become a stay-at-home dad?

Our word of the year is Pokémon. Pokémon Go, Pokémon plushie, Pokémon books, Pokémon advent calendars and for the love of Pokémon will you stop talking about Pokémon and go to sleep!

I’m clinging to the hope that their 11+ will be entirely Pokémon related, in which case Grammar school is a formality and I should probably start looking into cheap same-day returns to Oxford and Cambridge.… Read the full post

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Paper Mario Color Splash

paper-mario-colour-splash-coverRole-playing and card battle games are genres that have largely past me by, such is my refusal to entertain anything beyond left, right and jump. But as a disciple of all things Mario and a sucker for a kidnapped Princess I’m always prepared to make an exception.

With a talking paint can for company, the basic premise of Paper Mario Color Splash is to restore colour to the land of Prisma Island and find its stolen Big Paint Stars.

What’s most notable when you first start the game is how beautiful the graphics and textures are. The Wii U might not have the processing power of its rivals but that doesn’t stop it turning arts and crafts into gorgeous level designs, doing with paper and cardboard what Yoshi’s Woolly World did so brilliantly with yarn.… Read the full post

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Kirby: Planet Robobot

kirby-planet-robobot-box-coverI don’t often play the 3DS. To be honest, I spend more time hiding it. I could be the responsible parent who tells his children they’re not starting a new game two minutes before we’re supposed to be leaving for school, but I much prefer the ‘accidentally leaving it under some towels on the top shelf in the bathroom’ approach.

There’s nothing more infuriating than sending them off to get dressed only to find them ten minutes later naked but for the pants on their head, watching TV, with the 3DS is one hand and the other launching cushions at their brother.

I say nothing, Sonny’s liberal use of the word “whatevs” probably pushes it close, but that’s a rant I’ll save for another day.… Read the full post

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Yo-Kai Watch Review

Yo-Kai Watch ArtworkI think I once ate at a restaurant called Yo-kai. It was memorable for paying ten times the price for raw fish as my local chippy would have charged me to batter and fry it, but my sushi rant is probably better served in a different post.

Yo-Kai Watch, however, is a new Nintendo 3DS role-playing game that has already taken Japan by storm. For those of you unfamiliar with Japanese mythology, Yokai are a class of supernatural spirits that take the form of humans, animals and inanimate objects. What, you think I learned this from Wikipedia as opposed to my already in-depth knowledge of Japanese folklore? Shame on you!

Nate and FumiYour story begins as a young boy or girl searching for bugs in the woods.… Read the full post

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Super Mario Maker

super-mario-maker-cover-artSomewhere, deep within Nintendo HQ, there’s an echo chamber filled with the anguished cries of gamers like me, who, having lost untold hours days on any number of Super Mario courses created by the genius that is Shigeru Miyamoto, threw down their controller in a sulk of mumbled expletives and decreed it impossible. Or maybe that’s just me?

It’s been thirty years since the release of Super Mario Bros. Thirty years! That’s more exasperated outbursts than I’ve directed at Sonny and Luca combined; which they’ll readily confirm is a lot!

But all those years of torment have been worth it, because with Super Mario Maker, the tables have been turned. With Super Mario Maker, you design the courses. With Super Mario Maker, it’s time to become the tormentor!… Read the full post

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Yoshi’s Woolly World

Yoshi_Woolly_World_CoverIf you were to judge a game by the amount of housework I get done over the subsequent days, then Yoshi’s Woolly World scores very highly. Just ask Janet, if you can see her through the dust storm that’s engulfed our front room.

Heavily influenced by Kirby’s Epic Yarn, and all the better for it, Yoshi’s Woolly World is undeniably Nintendo. A 2D platformer that harks back to earlier adventures, and with its luscious woollen graphics and perfect controls it still feels as fresh as ever.

As always, the degree of difficultly is in the hands of the player. The boys are happy to race through the levels with the blinkered goal of reaching the final boss, frantically sticking out Yoshi’s tongue to swallow balls of wool that then become projectiles.… Read the full post