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Dyson Challenge

dyson-challengeAsk Sonny what job he’d like to have when he’s older and he’ll tell you he wants to be a farmer.

I’ve no idea why, he’s as scared of vegetables and he is animals. Throw in a fascination with zombies and I’m worried his idea of a harvest may involve organs?!

Luca wants to be a stay-at-home dad. Part of me is proud that he sees such merit in my current role, although part of me also worries that he just sees it as an opportunity to watch the entire box-set of Breaking Bad when they take a nap. Not that I did that, obviously, what with being so busy doing … err … stuff?

So when we were invited to an event hosted by Dyson and Currys at Manchester Science and Industry Museum, it seemed the perfect opportunity to broaden their horizons.… Read the full post

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Young Dads Collective

As a ‘dad blogger’ you know Fathers Day is approaching when your inbox suddenly becomes swamped by Fathers Day gift guides. The cynical blogger in me reads them as a list of ‘things I was sent for free’, although to be fair, I’m just bitter that the best thing I was offered this year was a ‘Best Dad in the World’ tankard?! One email did suggest a £500 watch but sadly it was just that, a suggestion.

But it does raise serious questions, and not just ‘what child is buying their dad a £500 watch, and more importantly, how do I get myself one of these kids?’

Because when I think back to when I first became a stay-at-home dad, what I really wanted wasn’t a Top Gear toiletry set.… Read the full post

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Culture, Sport and Sand Sandwiches

posing on the beachI’ve not blogged over the summer holidays. I’d like to say it was a self-imposed sabbatical, but that would be ignoring the hours sat sobbing in front of a blank screen calculating how many hours it was until school re-opened.

But the six weeks have been nothing if not educational.

I learnt that playing bad-guys is this seasons “let’s play cars!

It’s a simple premise. Ransack my bedroom under the guise of building a hideout. Fill it with enough artillery to qualify for a seat on NATO. Rampage through the house leaving carnage in your wake. And repeat. Again, and again, and again …..

I’m not saying it was torturous, and turn away now if you don’t like plot spoilers, but the season finale involved me turning a Nerf gun on myself.… Read the full post

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Out of School Activities

It was a conspiracy of guilt that made me take him.

Firstly I was doorstepped by a Mori pollster who wanted to question me about the out of school activities my boys did. When I said nothing she gave me a look of disgust like she’d just noticed I was naked but for a gimp mask.

Then there was the mum on the school playground who asked if I had their names down on the waiting list for Beavers. Waiting list? When did Beavers become the Groucho Club?

When I said no, but I’d make a mental note to get their name down in time for Scouts, she looked at me like I was speaking in satanic tongues.

She listed the activities her child did.… Read the full post

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Battle for the Fridge Door

rudolph-footprintI can’t draw.

That’s not me being modest or defeatist, I set the bar unbelievably low before reaching that conclusion.

If you imagine how low you think I set it, then keep going. Nope, further, further still, a bit more and there it is. Squint and you’ll just about see it.

Some time ago my sister, while looking at some artwork on the fridge, commented on how Luca’s drawing was ‘not bad’. He was eighteen months old. I drew it.

Last week, after being inspired by Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year, I decided to have a go myself. Guesses of who I’d drawn included Morgan Freeman, Margaret Thatcher and Jackie Chan. It was a self-portrait.

Yesterday Luca asked me to draw him a rocket ship he’d seen on Mr Maker.… Read the full post

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Half-term and Halloween

This last half-term was one of self-discovery. Of sorts.

I discovered my blood pressure is intrinsically linked to their lack of symmetry when building with LEGO, and that I’d never considered myself a control freak until Luca offered to help with MY side of the colouring-in book.

I discovered there’s a massive leap between Junior Monopoly and the full version, and that there’s some hours of your life you’ll never get back.

I discovered that playing Taylor Swift on your phone somehow increases its battery life. I only gave it to Sonny because it was on 5%. After finally managing to ‘shake it off’ him after the hundredth play it was on 9%?!

I discovered the boys get their habit of walking away mid-conversation from me, when for their half-term breakfast(?) they requested porridge with sultanas, a cup of warm milk, an apple (peeled and cored) and a side bowl of …… they got Coco Pops.… Read the full post